aiy ..cmat datang!!anyonghaseo..

I can make everyone believe that I don't LOVE YOU. But I find it so difficult to Convince myself that it's true .

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Friday, 19 August 2011


aiy , ummm ak tatao na ckp ap .. coz otak ak nga d'perah nan m'bce 
sume buku yg ad !! n enat formula , haha .. ak ase b'dbar gler lha 
coz na trial tpy nseb bek lha ad ownx yg na bgy smgat tat ak .,
perhhhh , ak snok gler lha ad ownx still caring tat ak agy2 ibu abh 
n someone yg special .. haha . tade lha juz kding jea ., act , b'dbar
n gmentar uh normal lha an bgy sume ownx ., k lha ak tatao 
na taip ap agy niy , tata sume .. SAYANGS SUME NY !! :)) btw , 
do the best tok sume daq fom 3 .. smoge anda sume dpt b'juang 
b'abez2 an .. haha . 

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