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Monday, 7 February 2011

ThIs Is My LiFe!!!

firstly,ak na cter at kowg sume,..ak ase eppy coz ak dpat ap yg ak na,...tpi ak xpsti ar sme ad
bnde uwh btol or x,..coz k'kdag uwh laky an ske tpu ttew wlaupown dy syunk ttew gler2,..
hummm,..ssahny lar an ad kpel,..ak ase idop ak akn aman lao xkpel coz ttew xyah na jge aty s'sper,..
ttew na usya mmat encm pown xde mslah an,agy2 na rpat nan mne2 laky,..just btas p'gaulan uwh
kne ar still ad lao x,..ish2 xley kte,..hahaha,..hemmmm,..kowg ase bez x lao single??????ad x
faedahny!!!msti lar ad an,..da ar taon niey na pmr!!!anty lao kpel2 msti ad byak problem,..
Jdi ttew kne ar sngle sblom ad mslah,..SINGLE IS SIMPLE,COUPLE IS TROUBLE!!!

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