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Saturday, 19 November 2011

All About Him., :]

hey guys..hah,arie niy zira na cter sal smeone.,
na kte special uwh tade lha snad
hehe.tpy zira sayangg lha gax tat dy.,act,dy bek,chumell
paam nn zira n kteownx slalu share prob..
dy uwh gler-2 tpy ta lha pai gler.,haha. :] tpy lao dy mwa or
mjok..hatoyai..tatao lha na ckp cmne.,
firstly,kteownx kwn jup..ta sgke lak ley jdik adq-bdek agkat.
haha :] kteownx ta bley na lbey-2 coz 
msing-2 ad gf n bf..hehe .pape un dy uwh not bad coz
dy uwh jnis bley d'uat kwn nan pham ownx..
that why.,zira sayangg dy tpy ta lbey dry sownx abg.,
hehe pape un thnx ekk kmu coz na amik adq
sbgai adq agkat kmu..hehe adq epy gler thap gaban lha..
huhu.k lha guys..kte smbong sok ekk!!tata sume
sayangg kownx..

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