aiy ..cmat datang!!anyonghaseo..

I can make everyone believe that I don't LOVE YOU. But I find it so difficult to Convince myself that it's true .

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

he's gone out of my life.. :[

from now i let u go.,don't disturb my life again..
i don't hate u but i don't want to fall in love with 
u again..thanks for make me laugh and say the sweetest
things., jdik start dry skunk kte da tade pape..jdik jgn gnggu 
idup ownx agy da!! ownx akn dlet sume prkare yg ad sal dy.,
spaye ta an ad ownx yg jlez n sla sgke or na bncy 
tat ownx., k lha pai cnie jup yg ownx ley taip, btw., ayat b.i 
tat ats uwh btol kea ta ownx un ta psty!! k tata assalammualaikum.

*terpakse m'nahan air jrnih drpde tros jtuh!! hummmm. :[

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